Focus Federal Gives Back for the Holidays

Focus Federal Credit Union employees are giving back to local charitable organizations this holiday season.

About half of Focus Federal employees participate throughout the year in the holiday charity donation drive, either through regular contributions or by paying for fundraisers such as a silent auction or the option to wear jeans to work. Now they will deliver checks this month to the charities they’ve supported since 2012. 

Focus Federal employees give back to charities they think make a difference in Oklahoma. They include the YWCA, Infant Crisis Services, Cavett Kids, Pets and People, Pepper’s Ranch, food pantries, Feed the Children, and the veteran’s center.

“I love the chance to donate funds to a great organization and dress casually. Who wouldn’t love that,” said Helen Zais, Focus Federal Credit Union team member.

Focus Federal empowers the charities to use the donated funds as they see fit — wherever it makes the most impact.

“I believe nonprofits are the lifeblood of our communities. Without these great organizations, we couldn’t thrive,” said Abby Cabello, Focus Federal Credit Union’s community development officer. 

“So many of the organizations we give to are helping individuals get back on their feet after having a traumatic experience. We even give to Pets and People because we have a big heart for helping animals.”

To learn more about Focus Federal Credit Union or its charitable giving, contact any of its branches or visit