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Student Checking

FFCU offers student checking accounts to help promote smart financial choices early.


  • Easy to apply
  • Fewer fees
  • Free Digital Banking Suite 

Why It’s Difficult to Save

Teens never seem to need to be taught to spend money. But learning to save and budget is an entirely different story. 

For many young people, college is their first money-management experience. But many students aren’t prepared to handle their finances. No one ever taught you how.

You recognize the need for financial know-how but don’t know where to begin to gain money-management skills. Maybe you have been putting off savings because you don’t work full-time, or school and other priorities take precedence.

It’s Never too Early to Start Saving

The earlier you adopt good financial habits, the more likely you’ll be to have positive long-term financial discipline. Like any honed skill, saving and budgeting take knowledge and practice. Don’t know where to start? FFCU can help. 

We help you save with:

  • Personalized Financial Education. Our MoneyEdu program provides personalized financial education. Learn about topics ranging from financial assessments, borrowing for higher education, and buying your first car. 
  • Learning from Experts. At Money School University you listen to industry experts exploring financial topics and tips. We provide access to podcasts on building a solid fiscal foundation and managing debt.
  • Rounding Up. Work toward setting up an emergency fund or buying a car with Savings Assist. Every time you use your Visa check card, purchases are rounded up and transferred into your account.  

Open a Student Checking Account

Focus Federal Credit Union offers student checking accounts to help get you on the road to savings and money management. Accounts are available for students ages 13 to 21. Every student checking account requires a guardian or parent co-signer. Opening an account requires little paperwork. You’ll need proof of identity (passport, birth certificate, or driver’s license) and address verification. 

Our student checking accounts offer:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly fees
  • Only $25 minimum deposit to open

A Fun, Easy Way to Manage Your Income

A student checking account at FFCU isn’t just easy to open. It’s also easy to access. Whether you’re home, at school, or on the run, mobile banking and eStatements make it simple to stay updated on what’s going on in your account.

Other benefits of a student checking account include: 

  • Scholarship drawing ($500 in spring and fall) with proof of 2.5 GPA or better
  • One-time match up to $25 to your favorite charity or social cause*
  • Free debit card and online banking access
  • Unlimited transactions with no additional fees
  • Get paid up to two days early with early paycheck funds from qualified employers**

 Apply today and open your FFCU student checking account.

* Itemized online eStatements required for the one-time match up to $25 to document the charity or social cause of the student’s choice. 

**Access to early funds is dependent on receiving an electronic file guaranteeing funds from your employer earlier than normal payday.

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