Transfer balances from high-interest credit cards, to your Focus FCU card at no cost to you.

  • BALANCE TRANSFERS: Subject to your available credit, you will be able to transfer the balances of non The Focus Federal Credit Union credit card accounts to your Account. If you request a balance transfer to be made, you should not rely on a balance transfer to be made by any particular date. Although most balance transfers will be made sooner, it could take up to four weeks before payment to your other account is made. Accordingly, you should continue to make all required payments on your other accounts until you confirm that the balance transfer has been made. Balance transfers may not exceed your available credit. Balance transfers will be processed from the lowest to the highest dollar amount. If a balance transfer is more than your available credit limit, we will automatically lower the balance transfer amount to your available credit and complete the transfer. We will not close your other accounts, even if you transfer the entire balance. If you want to close your other accounts, you should contact the issuer directly. Transfer of a balance that contains disputed purchases or other charges may cause you to lose any dispute rights you may have with regard to those purchases or other charges. By clicking "I Agree/Submit Transfer Request", I certify that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions above. Clicking "Cancel" will stop this transfer request.
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