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  • GAP Insurance is always recommendedwhen there's a difference betweenyour car's value and what you owe.If you were to get in an accident,your insurance company would onlypay what your car is worth and youare responsible for the rest. GAPinsurance can even waive all orpart of your remaining balance and,in some states, can even cover aportion of your deductible as well! #Financialtips:
    Saving just got easier with ourSavings Assist Program! Every timeyou use your Visa Check Card, we'llround up each purchase by anyamount you designate from $.25 to$2.00 more than your purchase. Thisis a great way to save for avacation, emergencies, homeimprovements or anything else livethrows at you! #Financialtips:
    Have you run into credit problemsand can't finance the car you need?We developed a program to help youpurchase or refinance your vehiclewhile helping you rebuild yourcredit. Increase your ability toborrow at lower interest rates inthe future and meet your financialneeds today! #Financialtips:

    Upcoming MoneySchool Events:

    Tuttle Chamber Golf Tournament at Winter Creek

    September 27

    We’re hitting the links at the Tuttle Chamber Annual Golf Tournament!

    Member Drive at our Chickasha Branch

    October 2

    We’ll have a food truck, cash giveaway, and The Franchise will be broadcasting live! Come learn about Focus FCU and what we can do for you!

    Budgeting Class at Center for Employment Opportunities

    October 3

    We’re putting on a program that is designed to give the clients of CEO the resources they need to become financially sound!

    Member Drive at our Main Branch (Downtown)

    October 10

    Jake FM will be broadcasting live from our main branch location from 11am-1pm. Sign up for your chance to win Chris Young tickets and find out about our $1K Cash Giveaway!

    Suited for Success Ribbon Cutting

    October 25

    Suited for Success is celebrating their new location at 4557 NW 23rd Street, and we’ll be celebrating with them at their ribbon-cutting event with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber from 11am-noon.

    YWCA Financial Empowerment Seminar

    October 29

    This event is open to the staff and clients of the YWCA and Palomar (and their partner agencies) from 1pm-2pm at Palomar. Come learn about money management and hear other helpful tips!

    For more information on upcoming events or to schedule your next Financial Wellness Seminar, please email Abby Cabello at

    [email protected].

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