Make your car buying experience better!

Everyone loves that new car smell, but is it worth all the hassle? With technology, the car-buying experience has become a lot easier, cutting out the trip to the car dealership altogether. Did you know that you can also get a pre-approval before you start shopping and you don’t even have to haggle with the dealership at all? It’s true!

Getting a pre-approval means that you’re already approved for the car of your dreams, you just need to pick one out. We make it hassle-free by doing the majority of the work and we even offer our own GAP and Extended Warranty Policies without all the high price tags!

For a complete car-buying experience online, you can visit and even apply for an auto loan in Oklahoma City through Focus. The CUDL Auto Buying Program enables you to research vehicles, get comparisons and request pricing and availability on vehicles from participating CUDL auto dealers near you.