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Why Choose Focus Traditional Checking?

Your checking account is the hub of your financial life. Whether you write checks, use a debit card for shopping, or pay bills online, your checking account is where it all happens. Each checking account you have is backed by our online banking system, making everyday money matters a breeze. A traditional checking account with Focus Federal Credit Union can make your life easier.

FFCU Checking Account Features

As a Focus Federal Credit Union member, you can do everything needed for everyday transactions and money management. Our hassle-free traditional checking account includes benefits like paperless statements, direct deposit, and online bill pay features. We help you spend less time managing your account and more time living life.

Banking On-the-Go

  • 24/7 mobile banking
  • Anywhere banking tools
  • E-statements
  • Remote deposits
  • Access to more than 16,000 fee-free ATMs

Account Perks

  • No monthly service charges
  • No checks to manage
  • Free online bill pay
  • Free debit card
  • Unlimited transactions

Additional Benefits You Only Get from FFCU

The benefits of your Focus Federal Credit Union checking account don’t stop with the typical offerings. We also provide:

Visa® Check Cards with Rewards

Earn cash back on purchases. Receive 5 cents for non-PIN purchases under $10 and 10 cents for non-PIN purchases over $10. 

Get Paid Early

If you have an FFCU traditional checking account with direct deposit, you could get paid up to two days early.

Overdraft Protection Options

Get peace of mind and the flexibility to access funds when and if you need to. Funds transfer from your linked savings account to checking when your balance is low.

Higher Interest Rates

Credit unions like Focus Federal Credit Union, offer higher interest rates than banks. Higher rates on your checking account allows your money to grow faster when you save. Paired with no service charges and fees, a FFCU checking account just makes sense.

Free ATMs 

Credit unions, like Focus Federal, belong to large, cooperative networks of ATMs and offer fee-free shared branches. That means you’ll never have any problem finding a place to do your banking for free.

Members vs. Customers

At a bank, you are a customer, and anyone is eligible to open an account. While at a credit union, you are a member and part owner of the institution. Members have a vote and say in certain decisions, putting you in charge of your finances and the institution that manages them.

Customer Service

Credit unions, like FFCU, are nonprofit and focus more on members’ needs. And since they are typically smaller and committed to serving members, they tend to provide better customer service. You’ll always know that we’re here to answer your questions and offer a helping hand.

Requirements for Opening an Account

Your traditional checking account at Focus Federal Credit Union offers easy and convenient access to your money. The minimum balance required for opening an account is $25, making a checking account with FFCU a viable option for more people.

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