Fresh Start Checking Account: Your Financial Rebuild Solution

What is the Fresh Start Checking Account?

Perhaps you’ve had a difficult time and run into problems with your finances. If you’ve ever had trouble getting a bank account due to a limited or poor credit history, it may be time to consider a Fresh Start Checking account at Focus Federal Credit Union. 

Fresh Start Checking offers a chance to start over after previous financial mistakes. These accounts are ideal for rebuilding your credit history and gaining additional rewards. While rebuilding your finances, FFCU will help you develop responsible budgeting tools and good financial habits. 

Key Benefits of Fresh Start Checking

Getting a second chance bank account is more than just having a safer place to put your paycheck. It’s about creating a more robust financial foundation for your life. As a member, you can do everything needed for everyday transactions and money management.


Banking On-the-Go

24/7 mobile banking

Anywhere banking tools


Remote deposits

Access to more than 16,000 fee-free ATMs


Account Perks

No checks to manage

Free online bill pay

Free debit card

Unlimited transactions

Additional Benefits

A checking account is vital to managing your finances, but a Fresh Start Checking account can offer you another shot at banking if you’re having trouble getting one.

You can also access the following:

Easy Direct Deposit Setup

Access to direct deposit, so your money is directed quickly to your account.

Personalized Financial Counseling 

Get face-to-face advice to counsel you on budgeting, debt payoff, and other areas of money management. 

Options to Upgrade Your Account

A Fresh Start account isn’t a permanent account type. After six consecutive months with no overdrafts and upon your request, you can convert your account to a Focus Federal Credit Union checking account of your choice.

Common Questions About Fresh Start Checking

Does Fresh Start Checking come with overdraft protection?

Fresh Start Checking contains no-waiver account fees, strict requirements, and no overdraft service. Once you establish a better history, you can convert to a Focus Federal Credit Union traditional checking account, which includes plenty of benefits. 

Are there any monthly fees associated with Fresh Start Checking?

A monthly service charge of $9.99 keeps your Fresh Start Checking account active.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions or withdrawals?

Fresh Start Checking accounts offer unlimited transactions, so you don’t have to worry about additional multi-transaction fees. 

Can I use my Fresh Start Checking account to set up a direct deposit for my paycheck? 

You must complete your employer’s direct deposit authorization forms and submit a voided check to set up direct deposit.

What happens if I don’t meet the requirements to convert my Fresh Start Checking account to a different account option?

After six consecutive months with no overdrafts and upon your request, you can convert your account to a Focus Federal Credit Union checking account of your choice. If denied the conversion option, you can reapply when you build an additional record of positive financial decisions.

What happens if I miss a monthly fee payment?

Consider signing up for overdraft protection, which transfers funds from your linked savings account to your checking account when your balance is low.

Is my Fresh Start Checking account FDIC insured?

The NCUA protects your money against bank failure, up to $250,000 per depositor for each qualifying ownership category.

Can I upgrade my account to a different checking account before the six-month probationary period ends?

Focus Federal Credit Union requires six consecutive months of no overdrafts to ensure you’re heading in a positive financial direction. You can then request to convert your account to a traditional checking account.

How to Open Your Fresh Start Checking Account

You can open a Fresh Start Checking account with Focus Federal Credit Union by completing an application and becoming a member. Two forms of identification are required. The minimum balance required for opening an account is $50. A monthly service of $9.99 is charged to keep the account active.

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