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Listen now for relateable information on finances you can’t find anywhere else. We want you to walk away with tips to make your financial picture better!

Insurance 101- Your Bad Policy Could Cost You Thousands!

Have you ever wondered if your policy is good enough? Insurance is the one thing that we shouldn’t skimp on, but most of us do. This necessary evil can be an expensive monthly expense, but it could cost you thousands if you find yourself underinsured. Let’s face it, accidents happen. What do you need to look for in your insurance policy? Let’s ask the expert! #insurance101

Tax Relief for Americans During COVID-19

The Pandemic has brought an onslaught of new worries to many Americans who have never had to worry about owing to the IRS before. Rachel Mathew will give us some great tips on tax resolution during COVID 19. Don’t miss it!

How Credit Union Service Centers Offer So Much Convenience

Have you ever needed access to your account on vacation or a location closer to home? The Credit Union Service Center Network offers a solution with more convenient locations across the US. Find out why banking with a credit union can be more convenient!

How to Manage Debt So it Doesn't Manage You

Is your debt piling up after the holidays? If so, we have the steps you can take to dig yourself out of that debt! Join us as we cover how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and even improve your credit as we approach the new year!

Indirect Lending: The Easy Button for Car Buying

Are you ready for an easier car-buying process? We’ve got the process nailed down for you from start to finish! Whether you want to avoid the dealership altogether and want a contactless buying experience, or you want to shop around, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Join us as we ask Chandra Goodson, Dealer Relations Manager for Focus FCU, how to start the process and go over the most Frequently Asked Questions.

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