Storm Shelter Loan in OKC

Protect your family with a storm shelter loan from Focus Federal Credit Union. We offer lending on underground garage storm shelter units, safe room storm shelter units and outdoor concrete storm shelter units. Get peace of mind by knowing you have a source of shelter during Oklahoma’s tornado season.

We know your family’s safety is your priority. Protecting them with a storm shelter loan in Oklahoma City is essential. 

Aside from a storm shelter, there are other things you can do to prepare your home for a tornado. Below are Focus Federal Credit Union’s tips to get you ready for tornado season.

FCU offers storm shelter loans in OKC on underground garage storm shelter units, safe rooms, and outdoor concrete storm shelters. With rates at 2.75% APR*, subject to credit approval. 

Storm Shelter Options

Tornadoes are among the most destructive forces of nature. They can cause injury and death to people who cannot safely evacuate or find shelter from these events.

Since 1998, FEMA has provided guidance for safe rooms for protection during a tornado. The standards provide near-absolute protection in extreme wind events, including tornadoes and hurricanes. Near-absolute protection means that, based on current knowledge of tornadoes, the occupants will have a high probability of protection.

Nothing is more important than your family’s safety. Knowing your safety options allows you to choose the one that works for you. A storm shelter loan in OKC can assist with financing these critical safety units.

Tornado Shelters

A tornado shelter is a space in your home or yard that is secure from a tornado. Installers test above- and below-ground shelters to ensure they can withstand debris and harsh wind conditions. 

There are typically three types of tornado shelters:

  1. Underground. These shelters are prebuilt and made from reinforced steel or concrete. Workers install them underground in a yard or underneath a garage. 
  2. Prebuilt. Homeowners can choose to purchase a prebuilt structure to install inside their home. Workers anchor the shelter to the house’s foundation.
  • In-home. An in-home shelter is inside the home in a nook such as a closet or storage room. Workers outfit them with steel or vault-like doors that you can access quickly in an emergency.

Panic Rooms

Panic rooms are fortified rooms within your home, like near a bedroom. They are intended to keep intruders out and usually include surveillance systems and communication equipment. You can use them for storm protection, but they don’t meet the tornado shelters criteria set by FEMA.

Safe Rooms

A safe room is a hardened structure designed to meet the tornado shelter criteria and provide near-absolute protection during a tornado or hurricane, according to FEMA. You also can use a safe room as a panic room if it withstands intruders. Safe rooms can be above ground or underground. 

Understand the Risk

About two-thirds of all tornadoes in Oklahoma City occur between April and June, according to the National Weather Service. May is the peak month, followed closely by April and June. Tornadoes can strike at any time of day but are most frequent mid-afternoon to early evening.

Know the Signs

Oklahoma meteorologists do a good job tracking weather. But tornadoes can form without much of a warning. Meteorologists know when conditions are suitable for a tornado. But they can’t predict precisely when and where one will drop from the sky.

Tornado warning signs include:

  • Heavy Wind. Tornadoes are known to lead with heavy winds. Then, just before a tornado strikes, the wind dies down, and the air stills.
  • Wall Clouds. Before a tornado, you see a wall cloud or an approaching cloud of debris. Be especially careful if the cloud wall is rotating.
  • Large Hail. Strong thunderstorms can produce tornadoes, and more powerful ones can cause large hail. You may experience large hail in the absence of rain.
  • Debris Cloud.  Tornadoes usually include an approaching cloud of debris, even if a funnel isn’t visible. The sky may appear dark, often greenish.
  • Funnel-shaped Cloud. A rotating cloud base signals the formation of a tornado.
  • Roaring Noise. A tornado has a loud rumbling sound, similar to a freight train.

Sign Up for Tornado Alerts

Have multiple ways to get information about the weather. At least one method should work without electric power, one without batteries, and the third without a cell or wireless signal.

Options for weather announcements include:


  • Weather Radio. The National Weather Service broadcasts continuous weather information on NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards. They also have resources on their website and Twitter account.
  • Apps. Install an emergency app such as American Red Cross on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Social Media. Follow the city of Oklahoma City’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Remote Notification. Oklahoma Weather Alert Remote Notification provides weather hazards and emergency notifications to deaf and hard-of-hearing via email or cell phone through OK-WARN.

Prepare to Shelter

You need to prepare for where you will go and how you will get there in the event of a tornado. A storm shelter loan in OKC can assist in providing shelter options, including in-ground shelters or safe rooms. The next best protection is an interior, windowless room in the lowest level of your home.

You and your family should identify a shelter in advance. Then it would help if you practice getting into the shelter location. Most Oklahomans also know that they need to clean out and prepare their shelters for the spring storm season.

Put emergency supplies, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, water, and medication in your shelter.

Invest in a hand-powered radio that cranks for use in case you don’t have power or batteries.

Shelter for Your Pets

Don’t forget to have a weather shelter plan for your pets.

Things to consider related to pet weather safety include:

  • Identify. Identify all pets with an ID tag and microchip. Keep the microchip registration up-to-date. Also, have at least one emergency number of a friend or relative who lives out of your immediate area. 
  • Practice. Practice bringing your pets to your tornado safety location, if possible. Animals often become frightened and hide during extreme weather. Practice drills will help them get used to the procedure. 
  • Consider Cages. Plan for your caged animals. You can move smaller caged animals such as rabbits, reptiles, and rodents to a windowless room during a tornado. If you have tanked animals that you can’t move, cover the tank with a large, soft object.
  • Think Big. Secure and identify horses and other large animals. Put horses and other large animals in a sturdy building or another safe location during a storm. Identify each animal with a halter, neck strap, or name spray-painted on their side.
  • Know Where to Locate. Know where to find lost animals. When animals become lost during a disaster, they often end up at a local animal shelter. Keep a list of shelter locations and phone numbers. Maintain access to photos of your pets.

How Focus Federal Can Help with a Storm Shelter Loan in OKC

Focus Federal Credit Union offers storm shelter loans in OKC on underground garage storm shelter units, safe rooms, and outdoor concrete storm shelters. With rates as low as 2.75% APR*, you can have peace of mind during Oklahoma’s storm season. Contact us today!


**Interest rates (APR = Annual Percentage Rate) determined by credit score. Normal credit union underwriting, terms and conditions apply. Rates subject to change.

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