Share Certificates

Security and earning power. You deserve nothing less.

To fit your personal investment needs, Focus offers many high-interest Share Certificates with varying rates and terms.


  • Earn market rates that are set monthly and vary by term
  • Share Certificates are available in terms from 6-48 months
  • Monthly dividends may be paid directly to you or reinvested for compounding and higher earnings
  • Borrow against 100% of Share Certificate funds on deposit at low, loan rates
  • Your money is safe and secure because it is federally insured.
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply and vary by the length of the investment
  • $1,000 minimum to open ($500 minimum for minors)

*A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

6mo Certificate

Dividend Rate:

4.360% APY

12mo Certificate

Dividend Rate:

4.270% APY

24mo Certificate

Dividend Rate:

3.010% APY

36mo Certificate

Dividend Rate:

3.110% APY

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