There's A Credit Card Just For You

We offer several credit card options in order to support our members with their financial needs. Use your Focus MasterCard for everyday expenses, larger purchases, or annual expenses like trips and vacations. Our financial counselors can work through the benefits and terms of each card with you, and help you make a selection that best fits your lifestyle. Our MasterCard’s feature:

  • Low fixed rates
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • 24-hour fraud monitoring
  • Worldwide access
  • No transaction fees for purchases
  • No over-limit fees
  • No annual fees
  • No cash advance fees
  • No balance transfer fees

For complete information, you may download our MasterCard Account Agreement.

Get Ready for an Upgrade!

Time for an upgrade! Focus FCU strives to offer the best products and services for our Members and that’s why we are upgrading our MasterCards to offer you a more streamlined experience. Enjoy rewards, online banking access, and more! Here are some of the great new benefits you can expect from the transition coming this fall 2022!
  • View your transactions through your mobile banking without logging into another 3rd party website.
  • Current balance info is updated faster than before.
  • Request cash advance through your mobile banking instead of visiting a branch or ATM (for Classic and Platinum cards only).
  • Only dealing with the credit union for maintenance questions on your card.
  • A faster more convenient way to verify possible fraudulent transactions.
  • New designs to match the type of card you have.
  • Set up autopay directly through the credit union.
  • New rewards system (more to come about that).
  • Access to your statements via online banking.


  • How can you view transactions?
    • View transactions on home banking just like for your savings and checking accounts.
  • How long does it take to see payments post?
    • Balances should update as soon as the payments post to the card.
  • Who would I call for customer service?
    • US! You will no longer have to call a third-party phone number.
  • What happens if they have fraud on my card?
    •  Call us to file a dispute.
  • Can I set up autopay?
    • Yes!
  • Will my due date change?
    • No, all due dates will still be on the 17th. Due dates cannot be extended. All due dates will be on the 17th of each month. If you had a different due date on your existing card, it will change to the 17th.
  • How do I place a travel notice on?
    • Call us and we will do it for you.
  • Can I report my card lost/stolen after hours and if so, how?
    • Yes, just like your debit card if you go to the card management tab under home banking, you can select to turn off the card until you can talk with someone. You can also block your card by calling 888-297-3416.
  • Where will payments be mailed too?
  • Can I make payments online?
    • Yes, you have the option to transfer your payment through home banking just like you would transfer between checking and savings. Simply select the account to transfer from and select the MC to transfer to. Also, there is a link on our website for members who want to pay using other institutions.
  • What new perks will I have now?
    • If you are Classic and Platinum card holders, then we are now offering rewards. You can manage those rewards under the home banking link titled “Card Rewards”. This does not apply to Shared Secured or HELOC’s.
  • How can I set my PIN?
    • When you activate your cards on Monday the 19th, you can set a PIN in the same phone call. You can also call us to set a PIN if needed.
  • If my credit card is set up as a payment source for a subscription or membership, will I have to update this?
    • Yes, your new card has a different card number so you will need to update your payment information with the merchant.
  • If I had an automatic payment set up on my old credit card, will it continue with my new card?
    • Automatic payments should transfer to your new card if they were set up through us.  If they were set up through a third-party site such as, they will not transfer over.  Please contact us to set these up for your new card.

MasterCard Classic

as low as:

10.99% - 17.99% APR

MasterCard Platinum

as low as:

8.99% - 15.99% APR

MasterCard Secured

as low as:

13.99% APR

Questions about your billing statement? Need to report a lost or stolen credit card? We’ve got you covered.


       Customer Service: 405.230.1328

Card Activation: 1.800.290.7893/International: 1.206.624.7998

Lost/Stolen: 1.888.297.3416/International calls: 1.206.389.5200


Credit card payments can be mailed to


P.O. Box 672051
Dallas, TX 75267-2021


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