Partner Perks Program

Our Why

We have been focused on serving our community for over 68 years. Our determination to help our community led us to apply to be a Certified Designated Financial Institution or CDFI in 2015. Out of this designation, we have created products and services to serve our underserved communities with great success. We are proud of this designation and will continue to develop creative programs to increase financial stability in our local communities.

The Challenge

The lack of financial literacy directly contributes to an overall unstable financial picture in our community. We are seeing this surface in the form of bankruptcies, tainted credit histories, and an overwhelming amount of debt in the US. Statistics tell us that the average family in the US couldn’t come up with $400 when there’s an emergency.

What that means is more debt and more financial stress.

The Solution

We offer creative solutions in the form of On-Demand Virtual Seminars, One-on-one financial coaching, and creative solutions to fill the gap in your financial wellness programs.

Some of our available seminars include:

  • First Time Homebuying
  • Making Your Home Equity Work for You
  • Understanding Credit
  • The Car Buying Process
  • Budgeting & Spending: Make the Most of Your Money
  • Identity Theft
  • Paying for College
  • Financial Planning
  • Managing Student Loans
  • Getting the Most out of Your Financial Services

The Benefits

We’ve created a lucrative program for your employees that includes financial perks, financial literacy tools and resources, and free financial counseling. The program doesn’t cost you a penny and your employees have access to a brighter financial future.

All of our perks can be viewed here: FFCU Perks Program

How to Get Started

We make the process seamless to start your financial wellness program for your organization. First, enroll in our program by filling out the form here. Or, reach out to our Director of Marketing, Abigail Cabello by email at [email protected] or by phone at 405-230-1328 x1106. Next, we will make a plan that coordinates with your program or help you create a program suited to your needs.

We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with you to make our community more financially stable.


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