3 Tips to Finding Your First College Job

When you think college job, you might think of burger-flipping and dorky uniforms. But the ultimate college job goes way beyond the stereotype. You need to find a job that won’t interfere with your class schedule or coursework, that pays decently, and ideally, one that gives you a jumpstart in your career. We are going to give you some tips for finding your first college job.

Tips For Finding Your First College Job

Finding a job that meets these criteria can be challenging. No worries, though; we’re here to help you make it happen! Use this handy guide to get hired at your dream college job.

1. Consider an on-campus job

If your college town doesn’t have a reliable transportation system in place, and you don’t have your own set of wheels, an on-campus job might be perfect for you.
There are many ways to earn money without leaving campus. You can tutor struggling students in the area you excel or offer to conduct research on behalf of your professors.

If you’re a budding stylist, post a sign on your school’s forum that advertises your services and then cut other students’ hair for pay. Are you headed toward a career in marketing or sales? You’d gain valuable experience and pull in good money by representing a brand and selling their products around campus.

2. Look into local jobs

If you have a way of getting around and you’d love to get off campus a bit, look up local circulars for part-time jobs that might be right for you. College towns tend to have a large assortment of fast food joints and night bars, but don’t just grab the first job you find. Instead, see if you can land a position that fits your interests and/or is in line with your ultimate career goals.

3. Explore online jobs

If you want a job you can do without going anywhere, consider an online position. You can choose from a wide range of jobs and you won’t have to endure a live interview with a potential boss. And, best of all, you can work in your PJs!

There are boatloads of employment options and one-time gigs you can do on the internet for some extra cash. Offer your services on platforms like Fiverr, write or edit blogs on almost any topic for websites like Hubpages, About.com or Quora, or manage a company’s social media accounts for payment.

Before you accept a job of any kind, hold it up to this checklist:

  • Are the hours compatible with my study schedule?
  • Is the position related to my field?
  • Will the pay be worth it?
  • Is the work enjoyable?

You might not find a job that checks off all the items on your list. But, with some effort, you’ll find one that meets most of your criteria.