Skiing Apps

Are you ready to hit the slopes? There’s an app for that! We’ve got the goods on three of the best skiing apps on the market where you can track your runs, review your stats and challenge your friends to beat your best record.

Trace Snow

Trace Snow is one of the most popular skiing apps, with users logging a combined 2-plus billion vertical feet each month.


-Measure and track your speed, vertical jumps, distance, calories burned, and more on any slope in the world.
-Pair the app with the Trace Tracker device — a small hockey-puck-shaped GPS sensor that you slap right onto your skis. Use the tracker to log onto your stats and replay your runs.
-Cutting-edge technology enables Trace Snow to separate runs, identify chairlifts by name, and tell users exactly how long they were airborne during each run.
-Challenge your friends using the app’s “Head to Head” feature, which allows you to race together and then compare your stats in a side-by-side format. Hitting the slopes on separate days? Use the “3D -Replay” option to compare past and current runs. You can even compare your stats to those of the fastest person on the mountain.


-You can download Trace Snow for free, but there’s a $4.99 monthly fee. To unlock premium features, you’ll need to fork over another $38.99.
-Continuous use of the app may drain your phone’s battery.
-Trace Snow uses wireless data and coverage may be limited on remote slopes.

Ski Tracks

Ski Tracks (iOS, Android) is a simpler app for skiers who aren’t looking for a mountain of features and just want to track the stats on their runs.


-Press “start” and the app will automatically log your total runs, max speed on runs, distance, vertical drop, max altitude, and run duration.
-Analyze your stats in tabular or chart format and compare them with other runs you’ve done this season.
-Mapping tools allow you to see each run you completed in 3D.
-Clean interface and easy to use.
-Just $0.99 to download. There is a free version as well, but it only allows a limited number of runs.


-Runs are not labeled and each one can be difficult to differentiate.
-Continuous use of the app may drain your phone’s battery.


SkiLynx (iOS, Android) is the ultimate app for hitting the slopes with a group of friends or a large family. The app excels at finding and connecting members of a group no matter where they may be on a mountain.


-Instantly create your own private ski group for the day with one-touch invite-only group creation.
-See exactly which run or lift each person in your group is on in real-time. You can even check to see what percentage of the run they’ve completed.
-Chat with your group with just a tap, using customizable messages.
-View the runs you completed via satellite image.
-Automatically logs every run you ride and how many miles you’ve skied, sending you a summary of each day you spent on the slopes. Tracked stats include average speed, run duration, max elevation, -distance, vertical drop, and vertical gain.
-Provides weather updates, open chairlifts, and trail count for participating ski resorts.


-At $2.99 a download, the app is pricier than its competitors.
-Some users complain that the app occasionally crashes.
-Continuous use of the app may drain your phone’s battery.

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