Student Checking Accounts in Oklahoma: What You Need to Know

A bank account is an excellent way for students to learn money management and establish financial independence. State students can open a student checking account in Oklahoma.

Many banks and credit unions offer accounts with special features for young people. Student checking in Oklahoma isn’t one size fits all. Understanding the basics of how accounts work can help you make the best choice when deciding where to put your money.

Benefits of a Student Checking Account

When researching where to put your money, know that not all banks and credit unions offer the same benefits. Do a little research before you open an account. Look for the benefits described below. Also, know that if you’re younger than 18 years old, you may need a parent or guardian to co-sign to help you open a checking account. 

Fewer Fees

Pay attention to the fees the bank or credit union charges. If a bank has multiple types of checking and savings accounts, they probably come with various fees. For example, banks often charge a monthly maintenance fee for having an account. Some banks also charge a fee if your balance falls below a certain threshold. These fees can add up quickly and peck away at your account balance.

Check on other fees such as those associated with overdraft and ATM usage. You also want a bank with plenty of conveniently located ATMs or one that reimburses out-of-network ATMs.

The best accounts for student checking in Oklahoma offer low or no fees.

Low Minimum Balance

Look for financial institutions with a low minimum balance policy. Many financial institutions require a minimum balance to open an account. This requirement means they charge you a fee if your account balance drops below the specified amount during your statement cycle. 

Mobile and Text Banking

Mobile and text banking is a huge perk. Choose a bank or credit union with an app to check your balances, pay bills, move money between accounts, and make mobile check deposits. Certain apps even allow you to search for nearby ATMs and alert you of recent account activity.


Young adults write fewer checks, but there are situations when you need to depend on a paper check. Certain financial institutions provide free checks for when you need them. When you do have to write a check, it’s best if you don’t have to pay for them. 


Financial institutions sometimes offer other perks and rewards for opening a student checking account. Be sure to ask about customer benefits or discounts offered.

Credit Card Options

When you sign up for a student checking account, most financial institutions give you the option of obtaining a credit card through the them. This credit line can help build your credit score long-term. 


A checking account application form


What Happens Once You Graduate?

Your bank or credit union converts your student checking account to a regular account eventually. This conversion usually happens once the account is open for more than five years or after you graduate. You may lose access to fee waivers and other benefits when this happens. So be sure to check how your account will change when you graduate.

Student Checking Available at Focus Federal Credit Union

Focus Federal Credit Union offers accounts for student checking in Oklahoma. To qualify, you must be age 14 to 21. There are no minimum account balance requirements and no monthly fees. 

Other great perks of a Focus Federal Credit Union student account include:

  • access to a one-time match up to $25 toward your favorite charity or social cause
  • freebies, including a free debit card, online banking, mobile banking, and e-Statements, making it easier to access your account information and transactions
  • unlimited transactions, so you don’t have to worry about additional fees
  • access to early paycheck funds from qualified employers

Focus Federal account holders also receive unlimited access to Money School. Money School consists of educational videos to teach you financial know-how. It’s a great student resource. 

Focus Federal also offers a scholarship incentive for credit union members. Once you open an account for student checking in Oklahoma, you can participate in the $500 scholarship drawings. To qualify, you must be a member in good standing, have completed 12 hours of college-level courses, and maintained a “C” average or higher.

Opening a student checking account in Oklahoma with Focus Federal is a simple process. If you’re ready, apply today